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"Everyone at Professional Taekwondo is amazing, from the owners to the instructors to the class participants. I almost didn’t sign up and worried I’d look silly or wouldn’t be able to keep up, but everyone has been great. The instructors take the time to ensure your safe and learning, and all the participants, no matter their belt colour, has been welcoming, supportive, and encouraging. I look forward to training every week, and hate ever missing a class."


"I signed up to Professional Taekwondo just to try something a bit different to improve my fitness. I thought it’d be a bit of fun.

It is … and so much more. The instructors keep it entertaining while working us hard and teaching us invaluable skills, and the club and community are incredibly supportive."


"Not only have I learnt many valuable skills and improved my fitness and coordination, I have met a great bunch of supportive, inspiring, and encouraging people I get to spend a couple of hours with each week – they’re my favourite days."


"Love, love, love Professional Taekwondo! It’s the perfect combination of fitness and fun. The instructors and community are not only great to be around but are very supportive and encouraging. I actually WANT to go, work hard to work up a sweat,

and learn invaluable life skills."


"After watching my daughter train at Taekwondo for many years I decided it was my turn. Watching on, I always thought that would be fun…. Taekwondo has been the most fun and the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It has its challenges every week, lots of sore muscles and a few bruises but so worth it. The club is so welcoming to everyone and we now have a new family. Our PROTKD family. Great coaches and amazing adults to train with. If I can do it at my age anyone can.

I often say to people it’s good for my soul"


Professional Taekwondo, Fitness, Moonee Ponds, Melbourne
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