​Our introductory program offers you two Taekwondo lessons; one private and one group class. 
We also loan you a Taekwondo uniform (dobok) for both lessons, so you can feel part of the experience.  Our trained and qualified instructors will introduce you to this wonderful martial art and ensure you are on the right path towards achieving your goals. ​



Introduction Program Includes:

​• Taekwondo Uniform (Dobok) for both lessons
• 1st Lesson: 'Private lesson' with a qualified instructor
• 2nd Lesson: 'Group Class' with kids/adults in your Taekwondo program
• During your two lessons you will get a better insight into Taekwondo
• Your introduction instructor will also sit down with you and review our current timetable, discuss your fitness goals, and answer any questions you may have.

​All of this for one payment of $20. Additional family members and friends are free to attend with you!

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